Changes to the Learning Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Learning Agreement is an essential component of the Erasmus program and outlines the study program that students will undertake while abroad. Recently, changes have been made to the Learning Agreement that make it more flexible and adaptable to the needs of students. Here is what you need to know about the updates.

Firstly, the Learning Agreement now allows for more flexible learning outcomes. This means that students can choose their study program and modify it according to their academic and professional goals. The Learning Agreement now includes a section that addresses learning outcomes, including skills, competencies, and knowledge. This section allows students to tailor their study program to their individual interests and career aspirations.

Secondly, the updated Learning Agreement now provides more clarity around credit transfer. It specifies how credits earned abroad will be recognized by the student’s home institution. This is especially important for students who plan to transfer credits between institutions or pursue further study. The new guidelines help to ensure that students receive appropriate credit for their academic work while abroad.

Lastly, the updated Learning Agreement includes a section dedicated to student mobility itself. This section ensures that students are aware of the various considerations that come with studying abroad, including language requirements and student services available at the host institution. This section also outlines the responsibilities of the student, the home institution, and the host institution to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Overall, the changes to the Learning Agreement make it a more flexible and adaptable document that meets the needs of today’s Erasmus students. By including learning outcomes, credit transfer guidelines, and dedicated student mobility sections, the updated Learning Agreement ensures that students are well-prepared for their study program while abroad. If you are an Erasmus student, be sure to review the updated Learning Agreement and take advantage of the new opportunities it presents.